Monday, August 17, 2015

The 3. Sphere cont'd

In continuation of The Third Sphere:

The importance of the new electronic arena will have and already has consequences for the policies toward the industries of software, hardware and Internet. Every country with ambitions to dominate will increasingly bring vital parts of its IT-industry under control. Certainly not own it (it is important to seem to respect the Holy Market) and not control or rule every detail. But have

- access to channels of ingoing and outgoing streams of data,

- access to activities of users,

- ability to control and change the content of data,

- ability to control what is stored and accessible in the Internet.

They will also secure

- ability to evaluate and manipulate software and also hardware delivered to chosen costumers.

And finally they will have

-  the possibility to veto what IT-companies decide to do if it harms national security interests.

Parts of these points are already being implemented.

In countries with power-ambitions or just the will to stay independent it will be regarded as treason to sell essential parts of the IT-industry to compagnies in foreign powers.

Countries whose inhabitants and politicians don't know, don't think and don't care or just have given up will continue to let vital parts of their IT-industry like earlier Skype and Bluetooth be sold to foreign companies without reflection. They will even be proud that firms in such important countries want our technology! These countries will be open fields for the electronic infiltration from more ambitious states.

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