Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Greatest Country on Earth?

The Greatest Country on Earth?

I have earlier commented that the Americans cannot afford the same level of political chaos, that we saw in the latest part of the Roman Republic. See int'l Aspects.... This is becoming very clear right now, where we see how the right wing of the Republican party obstructs necessary financial policies.

This comes at a time where the combined power of China and Russia is on the rise as can be seen in the Syrian crisis. And at a time, when the balanced foreign policy of an intelligent President Obama is being misjudged as a sign of American weakness.

The result is of course that the Americans and indeed democracy as such is being ridiculed in the rest of the World. The Republican right wing does not seem to care, their narrow-minded anti-government views lacking any interest in and knowledge of the changing forces in the outside world. It is not enough that one can see The Russian coast from Alaska.

If these activities from irresponsible forces are not stopped, then it is not at all obvious that the USA should end as the Roman Empire of our civilization. It will not continue as the greatest country on Earth.

Instead China will win World dominance.

Which options are there for the Americans? Of course the Tea Party people could be outmaneuvered by the Democrats or by the Republicans themselves. For example by ridicule.  But 1) they represent a part of the society and will reemerge. And 2) hey have reached such a low political level, that they do not respect the need for a stable democracy.

So these political destructive forces must be checked somehow. Of course political ideas and parties or fractions cannot be forbidden. They must have a political platform, or they will become an armed rebellion. As said in earlier posts (The Decline of Politics and Int'l Aspects...) the only way is to strengthen the executive. In the USA this is the president. The presidency must have more power, the Congress less. Doing this by changing the Constitution would probably be seen as sacrilege. So the changes must be substantial, but seem subtle. Emperor Augustus in principle respected the Roman Republican constitution. The USA is of course not yet at the stage of having an emperor, but the principle of changed ways under the same constitution could be an inspiration. At the look of it radical forces to the right and to the left should have the possibility of winning the presidency, but this possibility could be blocked in reality, if they are kept outside the two big parties. For the present this is the  responsibility of the Republican Party. They should exclude the radicals as a separate party.

Of course all this will reduce democracy, but the alternative will too.

If the Americans do not go this way, the greatest country on Earth will decline into chaos. A political system with uncompromising in-fights, blockades and inefficient governments.

China will win. As said earlier this may not make a difference for the rest of the World. If we are ruled by a less democratic USA or a gradually more democratic China, it is much the same.

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