Monday, July 1, 2013

US and EU

The American espionage against the EU and Germany and other countries in Europe disclosed by Der Spiegel and The Guardian if confirmed shows more things.

American arrogance and contempt for friendly nations.
Even though this contempt could be regarded as partially justified when looking at European indecisiveness  and bureaucracy, it is nevertheless a sign of deteriorating quality and falling  levels in international politics.
Between major friendly players such arrogance  is unseen and also points to:

The end fight for world hegemony is approaching. This fact makes the involved countries use methods, which if not involving direct warfare outside the 3. World, still gets more and more uncivilized as already seen in the American fight against terrorism and the Internet war between the United States and China .
Widespread electronic espionage is just a natural part of this.

The only surprising fact is that apparently the Americans regard the EU and European countries as very important competitors on the World scene keeping the weakness of Europe in mind!

Germany appears to be very closely followed by the NSA. As earlier stated Germany can be seen as the best governed and most politically mature state in the old modern world. If as the Germans would like, this quality of governing would get spread over the whole of the EU, then surely this Union would become a formidable power politically and economically. This could explain the keen American interest in spying on Germany.

But my dear Americans, I do not think you need to worry! The other countries in the EU will rather continue their misgovernment than submit to Germany.

As I have pointed out earlier, the world after more than 2 centuries of brutal wars, civil wars and other external and internal conflicts needs all this chaos  to be ended. Just as was the case in old Rome and old China in the years up to -30 and -221 respectively.

We are longing for our version of the Pax Romana or Pax Sinica.

This should just be reached in the most humane and democratic way possible. BUT even if these civilized conditions should be supported, it is also a fact that a Pax has never been achieved through eternal discussions and negotiations between countries each having the power to veto everything, certainly not if these countries have no common idea of means and goals.

The United Nations and the European Union are doomed to fail, if they are not reformed radically with very strong executives.

So who should bring Pax to our world? It must be a major player like America, Europe, China or Russia. Russia may be too small. Europe is too weak. China could be a possibility because of sheer size and economy.

But the Americans have something, which is not yet as clearly to be seen in China. The will to power. This, the Americans seem to have in large amounts as seen in amongst other things:

-          Belief in own values
-          Contempt for international rules and other countries
-          Will to dominate others
-          Willingness to use the means necessary

If we like this or not it certainly qualifies America to win the competition for hegemony.

And thus to bring peace. We must only hope and work for it that this peace is more of a benevolent type!

Even though the Europeans are right in being outraged about the spying, they should also be honored by the importance with which they apparently are regarded in Washington. I am not sure that the EU really deserves so much attention.

The EU reaction will show if the union has muscles enough to deserve the honor of being subject to massive US espionage!

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  1. The plane of Bolivian President Morales had to land in Austria on its way home from Russia after more European countries refused to let it cross their airspace because they suspected that Edward Snowden was on the plane.

    This shows a European submission under the US, which certainly does not point to a Europe having many muscles!

    It also shows a total contempt for a sovereign South American state and its president! This is exactly typical of our time, where small countries like Bolivia or Greece counts nothing at all and even the whole of the EU is on the same way.

    Sooner or later only two or one major power will rule us all.